About Us

Milestones Technology Group (MTG) is based in Brisbane, Australia and was formed with a vision to bring innovative technology solutions to tech start-ups and ‘small to medium enterprises’ (SMEs). MTG’s founder – Lyn Bos is a serial entrepreneur and has held senior roles within the IT Industry – leading business transformation and change initiatives across digital and traditional business models.

An entrepreneur at heart, Lyn started MTG to ensure that tech start-ups and SMEs had access to the skills, capability and thought leadership that large corporates can easily afford and are largely beyond the reach of the SME. With a vision to offer a single point of contact for an SMEs digital needs, Lyn set out to form a team of the best skills at the most competitive pricing in the market today.

The result – a team of hand picked designers, developers, testers, copyrighters, video creators, Social Media marketing and SEO specialists from, and not limited to Australia, New Zealand, India, Romania and Pakistan that work collaboratively to deliver outstanding results for MTGs clients.

We know what it takes to capture the essence of your brand – from designing or refreshing your logo, to the design and development of your brand new website, social media presence and on-going SEO services to keep your business at the forefront. All our Client engagements are managed as Projects with the same rigour and discipline that Corporates use to deliver their technology initiatives.