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“Hi, I am Lynette (Sharma) Bos – director of MTG. We are based in Brisbane Australia. Having spent my career in the corporate world across different industry sectors, it has always concerned me to see how small businesses were somewhat disadvantaged when it came to leveraging technology to improve their business processes, marketing and online presence. In 2014, I decided to set up a company to help small businesses and start-ups. With a dedicated and highly talented team, MTG is now delivering IT and advisory services to this SME sector. Our vision is to ensure that we are always ready, willing and able to ensure that every small business has access to personalised, professional IT services at affordable prices. Let us help you achieve the success you deserve”


Our Services

Software and Mobile Apps

We will design and build your mobile and web apps to ensure optimal user experience.

Websites and SEO

Our expert team of graphic designers, UI/UX designers and SEO experts complement our development teams to deliver or enhance your websites.

Graphic Design

From a Logo which points your audience to your Brand to your Brand Identity, MTG’s creative team will help throughout this continuum

Social Media Strategy

Our Social Media Strategy ensures that you attract, engage and retain your online fans/audience

Project Staffing

Looking for someone to manage your next IT Project? MTG has the experience, the people and the processes to help to deliver your projects to completion.

Small Business Advisory

Our Business Advisors have over 20 years hands-on industry experience in large multi-nationals as well as a number of small businesses where they successfully executed exit strategies. Competent in finance, technology and marketing, we bring a holistic approach to help your small business establish a strong foundation upon which to grow.


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Does SEO Really Help your Business Grow

May 2nd, 2016|

Being online is not a trend, but a necessity and search engine optimization (SEO) supports this effort of businesses. In The 4 Building Blocks of a Strong Digital Presence, Tom Cochran wrote that if a business does not have a digital presence today, it does not exist. This is true. Due to globalization, all customers expect businesses to be online. Your target market is not simply the customer across the street, but also a potential customer who is thousands of miles away from you. Obviously, [...]

Reworking the Mobile App Paradigm with WorkApp

May 2nd, 2016|

Adoption rates for mobile devices, including phones and tablets, have surpassed all other technologies in the past ten years. As a consequence, an entire mobile app industry has emerged with numerous options for the consumer. Some of these apps are free, of course, while others are paid downloads. Yet, in any case, the user is often left with apps that don’t live up to expectations. A consumer downloads an app, uses it once or twice, and there it sits, never to be touched again. But [...]

A Really Good Website Can Help You Attract and Retain More Customers

May 2nd, 2016|

Your website is the hub of your digital presence. It is your brand identity plus your marketing stationery. HelpScout’s Gregory Ciotti, in his article ‘10 Proven Ways to Build a Website that Customers Will Love’ says, “While it can be a tough balance to achieve, creating a functional, streamlined and well-designed website is well worth the effort.” This is why there are a myriad of professional web designers and graphic designers who work towards building an excellent user-experience and user-interface. The appearance and usability of your [...]

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