Our Services

Software and Mobile Apps

We will design and build your mobile and web apps to ensure optimal user experience.

Websites and SEO

Our expert team of graphic designers, UI/UX designers and SEO experts complement our development teams to deliver or enhance your websites.

Graphic Design

From a Logo which points your audience to your Brand to your Brand Identity, MTG’s creative team will help throughout this continuum

Social Media Strategy

Our Social Media Strategy ensures that you attract, engage and retain your online fans/audience

Project Staffing

Looking for someone to manage your next IT Project? MTG has the experience, the people and the processes to help to deliver your projects to completion.

Small Business Advisory

Our Business Advisors have over 20 years hands-on industry experience in large multi-nationals as well as a number of small businesses where they successfully executed exit strategies. Competent in finance, technology and marketing, we bring a holistic approach to help your small business establish a strong foundation upon which to grow.