Reworking the Mobile App Paradigm with WorkApp

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Adoption rates for mobile devices, including phones and tablets, have surpassed all other technologies in the past ten years. As a consequence, an entire mobile app industry has emerged with numerous options for the consumer. Some of these apps are free, of course, while others are paid downloads. Yet, in any case, the user is often left with apps that don’t live up to expectations. A consumer downloads an app, uses it once or twice, and there it sits, never to be touched again.

But app users—especially professionals—still have crucial productivity and communication needs. Consider the following demands that apply to business owners, workers, and community applications:


  • Own an established firm and need to sell services or products?
  • Run a small business from home and need to sell your work?
  • Need to advertise job vacancies or put out a private or business tender?


  • Need work as a professional or casual labourer?
  • Are you multitalented? Need to stand out to HR managers across multiple areas?
  • Have machinery for hire on a daily basis or short notice?


  • Run a community organisation and want to get the word out about upcoming events?
  • Want to attend local events or volunteer for an organisation?
  • Use chat platforms like WhatsApp, iMessage, or Facebook Messenger?
  • Use classifieds like Craigslist to buy, sell, or rent?

If you said “yes” to three or four of the above questions, you might imagine that you’d need at least three or four apps to accomplish those tasks. Yet, as many have discovered, such apps often fail to deliver, and the user is left dissatisfied.

Born out of these frustrations, a small team in Brisbane Australia, developedWorkApp.  WorkApp is a mobile and web app that meets and exceeds all of the needs listed above in an integrated, easy-to-use mobile app.  It could be regarded as the ‘ERP of the mobile world”.

WorkApp will be free to download and use. There are no commissions or hidden fees, and it’s free to boost your  position in WorkApp search results.

Once you have registered on WorkApp, you can also  take advantage of multiple profiles, which include:

  • Business Profile replete with logo. Turn on WorkApp’s Digital Shop to access the online store which includes Shopping Cart and PayPal integration for checkout. Choose global or local availability for your products and services, and set up promotions and advertisements at no cost. WorkAppdoesn’t charge sales commissions and doesn’t ask for credit card details.
  • Worker Profile. Tell potential hirers about yourself. For a second job, simply create another profile targeted to the new role.
  • Machinery Profiles are for building contractors and tradespeople who have machinery such as excavators and trucks for hire.
  • Community Profiles allow an organisation or individual to communicate timely information about local events.

Posting job vacancies on websites can be prohibitively expensive for businesses and recruiters. With WorkApp, posting a job vacancy or tender will becompletely free. When a worker finds a job through WorkApp with zero advertising cost to the hirer, it’s a win-win outcome for everyone. That isWorkApp’s vision: prosperity and productivity for everyone.

Have you ever enquired about a classifieds listing only to find out that the item is no longer available? WorkApp’s proprietary “refresh technology” solves that problem as well. After you list an item for sale, simply refresh the post to ensure that buyers can find it. This will also boost your listing in search results. And there’s no limit to how often you can refresh your post.

You might be wondering why we need another messaging platform. After all, WhatsApp already has a billion active users, and Facebook Messenger has gained widespread popularity. But WorkApp’s Messaging platform is different because it is integrated with the rest of the app’s features. For example, when a user enquires about a job, business, or post, the owner of that post receives a message in WorkApp. A chat stream is then created between the two users.

You can also use WorkApp Messaging as a standalone messaging platform. Why not invite your friends from your address book to use WorkApp? Enjoy all the features that you have come to expect from a messaging platform—send and receive images and videos, group chats—and more.

WorkApp is functionally rich, so take the time and discover it for yourself. Look out for WorkApp on the Apple Store, on Google Play and its web version – available soon.