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Additional help at your fingertips!

A Virtual Assistant (VA) can ease your administrative burden.

Whether you are a startup or running a small business, you no doubt appreciate the challenge of ‘not having enough time in the day’. Whilst there is a clear recognition and desire for additional help, small businesses often struggle to justify employing an administrative staff, thus they continue to add more hours into their work day.

This is a vicious cycle that leads to burning out, relationship stress and overall detriment to general well being.

Ease your administrative burdens and focus on growing your business by engaging an experienced and professional assistant that can work remotely and efficiently.

Calendar Management
Appointment Setting
Let a VA schedule appointments to suit your preference and availability. Also make proactive calls to set appointments as needed.

Professional Presentations
Make impactful presentations
A VA can prepare sales or other presentation packs that are impactful and visually appealing.

Report Writing
All your reporting needs met
A VA can create the templates based on your specific needs and complete the full report for you as required.

Financial management for business success
A VA can be sourced for specific requirements including bookkeeping and implementing sound financial processes

Support Calls
Your clients expect to speak to a person
Whether it’s through a website chat function or physical phone call, a professional VA can manage your support calls.

A virtual assistant is your personal assistant
Confidentiality in business by those with access to sensitive information is critical. Engage only professional VA services.



Professional, fast and cost effective.

With flexible rates and plans, you can choose to engage a VA for a specific task or project. Alternatively, you may have repetitive tasks that need to be completed regularly (e.g monthly reporting). One of our experienced VA can prepare a draft report for your review and approval each month – saving you time and money.

Have a minor project in the works, but no spare time? Hand it off to one of our VAs and avoid spreading yourself too thin. One of the biggest challenges for small business owners is learning to delegate tasks and trusting that someone else can do it just as well.

Contact Us for an obligation free chat on how a VA can ease your workload.