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Over recent years cloud computing has risen in popularity as organisations Infrastructure Strategy has Shifted from a 'Buy and Own' model to a 'consumption' model. Moving to the Cloud is more than just ‘lift and shift’. Our legacy transformation service coupled with our cloud services will ensure that you are poised to leverage maximum value from our cloud offering.

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Cloud Computing

Pricing models based on ‘Pay for Use’ makes it extremely attractive for organisations of all sizes to start small and scale up fast.


Hybrid vs On-Premises

Hybrid (mix of on-premises and Cloud) environments are quite popular. It allows organisations to try Cloud Services with minimal risk by ensuring that critical functions remain on-premises.


IaaS, PaaS or SaaS

There are various terms such as ‘Infrastructure as a service’ (laaS), ‘Platform as a service’(PaaS) or ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) that are used to describe a Cloud environment. It is important to select the right model for your business.



With growing focus on security and compliance requirements, the Cloud Data Centre providers ensure that their environment is fully compliant with relevant standards and legislations.



Cloud Services on the other hand requires no capital injection. You simply add the capacity you need to scale up. And pay for hat you use . If your business model is seasonal, you can scale down once the peak period is over with no penalties.


Managed Services

MTG offers managed cloud services to setup your environment and provide lights-on support. Specialist DBA services for MS-SQL is also available to ensure that your database and infrastructure are optimised.

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