Team Member
  • Aidan Gani

  • Technology Director

Aidan is a seasoned CIO and General Manager with an impressive career spanning over 30 years in technology leadership. With a remarkable ability to align technology with business strategy, Aidan has been instrumental in driving revenue growth, cost reduction, business process re-engineering, and business model transformation.

Throughout his illustrious career, Aidan has held key leadership roles in various industry sectors, leaving a positive impact on global iconic household names such as BHP Billiton, Orica, Allianz Global Assistance, and Origin Energy.

A strategic thinker and innovator, Aidan's expertise lies in leveraging technology to enable and optimize business strategies, resulting in improved operational efficiencies and sustainable growth. His ability to develop high-performing teams has been a hallmark of his leadership, fostering a culture of excellence and innovation within organizations.

With a proven track record of successful transformations and a deep understanding of technology's role in driving business success, Aidan is a visionary technology leader who continues to inspire and make a lasting impact in any organisation that engages him.

Team Member
  • Jaimee James

  • UI/UX and Graphic Designer

Jaimee James is MTG’s seasoned UI/UX and graphic designer. She has ten years of experience in delivering luxurious and minimalist designs for high-profile clientele in the Resort, Education, Aged Care and Information Technology industries.

Being self-taught, beneath her exceptional technical skill lies a highly-academic approach to design. Her methods include research into each client's industry and specific target demographics, conducting in-depth studies into comprehension psychology, optical/haptic patterns, and age-based functionality preferences.

She thrives when collaborating closely with clients, efficiently delivering tailored results which balance both her meticulous design standards and modern philosophies, and the client’s preferences.

From concept to execution, Jaimee's dedication to excellence is evident, leaving clients with aesthetically pleasing and user-centric designs that resonate deeply with their target audiences.

Team Member
  • Lyn Bos

  • Principal Consultant

Lyn is an accomplished and versatile consultant, specializing in driving business transformation. With expertise in people, processes, and systems, Lyn has a proven track record of enabling seamless end-to-end transformations that elevate operational efficiency and effectiveness.

As a seasoned Program Director, Lyn has successfully managed large-scale projects, ensuring their timely and successful completion. Her strategic vision and meticulous approach to project management guarantee that clients' objectives are met with excellence.

Lyn's proficiency in establishing Project Management Offices (PMOs) is instrumental in enhancing project governance and standardizing project practices. By implementing PMOs, organizations benefit from streamlined processes and optimized resource utilization.

Recognized as a highly skilled Risk Consultant, Lyn possesses the acumen to identify potential risks and develop effective risk mitigation strategies. Her proactive approach enables businesses to navigate complexities with confidence and minimize potential disruptions.

With an impressive educational background, Lyn holds an MBA in Technology Management, a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification, and a Master's in Health Administration. Additionally, her Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry/Microbiology highlights her analytical mindset and scientific expertise.

A member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), Lyn demonstrates her commitment to professional excellence. Her completion of the Company Director's Course in 2020 further underscores her dedication to staying at the forefront of corporate governance best practices.

As your trusted consultant, Lyn brings a wealth of experience and expertise to facilitate transformative change. Whether you require end-to-end business transformation, project management leadership, or strategic risk consultation, Lyn is poised to deliver exceptional results. Embrace the opportunity to partner with Lyn, and unlock the full potential of your organization's growth and success.


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