According to Statista, as of January 2015, the percentage of cellphone internet users stood at 52.7. This figure will rise to over 63.4% in 2017. The Pew Research Center found that 63% of mobile phone users use this portable device to go online to do several tasks:

  • Be active on social media with friends, family and even random strangers
  • To find entertainment in the form of videos, memes, games and music
  • Find solutions to all their problems, from technical issues to mundane errands
  • Make a purchase online to reduce the effort of being present in a shop physically

Thus, whatever your business niche is, you need to cater to your potential target audience that is online via their iPhones and Android phones.

Mobile App for Business Growth

The nature of the business world is transforming every second, because of the internet and technology. Thus, it is imperative for all businesses to adapt to these developments to stay ahead of competition, and to grow their business in terms of size, stature and sales.

Mobile applications are overtaking the world. Users need to go online to buy it or install it free of charge, but many businesses offer apps that don’t require users to be online.

Benefits of Mobile Apps

There are many benefits of creating a mobile app for your business. They are as follows:

Increase Profits

The way you treat your customers influences around 70% of all purchasing experiences. Your customers use mobile phones and internet and not having your business accessible from phones will limit your potential to boost your profits. You need to make your services and products available to people, for them to take notice and then buy them.

 More Reach

One of the people behind the tech-company Engadget, Jason Calcanis has advised everyone to “be amazing, be everywhere, be real.” To be on Android and iOS is a way to be everywhere. This means that your target customers have yet another way to reach your content, engage with you and avail your services and products.

More Feedback

By creating a mobile app for your business, you are opening more avenues to get feedback from customers about your products and services. This means you have more data to collect and analyze in order to improve your business, and better address the problems or preferences of your customers. If you keep on improving your business, you will get new loyal customers.

Faster Access to Your Business

Customers download your app and can use your services with ease no matter where they are. For example, Domino’s Pizza has a mobile app that allows people to place their orders and get their savory and sweet treats delivered at their doorstep. This strategy has helped the company enhance user-experience and increase their sales.

A Marketing Tool

Mobile apps can integrate with Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. The feature of push notifications on mobile phones allows you to send your customers promotional offers and news about events. This way you are spreading brand awareness.

The bottom-line is that, a mobile app will increase your clientele by targeting those who are frequent mobile users and as the trends suggest, the number of people using the mobile device is increasing rapidly!


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